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Pre Booking Questions

The services provided by wedding photographers in Patna, including Wiggle Studio, and other photography studios, typically include a range of professional photography and videography services. These services may encompass pre-wedding shoots, candid photography, traditional photography, videography, and other specialized offerings. Details of services offered by Wiggle Studio offerings:

  • Prewedding Photography: Engagement or prewedding photoshoots capturing the couple's love story in a more relaxed setting.
  • Charge per hour: ₹5000 — ₹10000
  • Traditional Wedding Photography: Coverage of the main wedding ceremony, including key moments like the exchange of vows, ring ceremony, and other rituals.
  • Candid Photography: Capturing spontaneous and natural moments throughout the wedding day, reflecting genuine emotions
  • Bridal Portraits: Specialised photography sessions focusing on capturing the bride's beauty and elegance.
  • Groom Portraits: Similar to bridal portraits, these sessions highlight the groom's personality and style.
  • Couple Portraits: Exclusive photoshoots for the newlyweds, capturing their romance in a variety of settings.
  • Event Coverage: Photographers may cover other wedding-related events, such as sangeet, mehndi, or haldi ceremonies.
  • Traditional Photography: Classic posed shots with family and friends, often following cultural or regional traditions.
  • Videography: Wedding videography services to create cinematic highlights or full-length wedding films.
  • Drone Photography/Videography: Aerial shots to capture unique perspectives of the wedding venue and events.
  • Album Design and Printing: Designing and creating physical wedding albums with selected images.
  • Photo Editing and Retouching: Professional editing and retouching services to enhance the quality of the photographs.
  • Destination Wedding Photography: Services for weddings taking place outside the photographer's local area.
  • Online Gallery/Album Delivery: Providing a digital platform for couples to view, share, and download their wedding photos.

The cost of hiring a wedding photographer in Patna, Bihar, can vary depending on the photographer's experience, reputation, and the services they offer. Here are some general price ranges for wedding photography services in Patna:

  • Photographer's specialty: Wedding (Visit) https://wigglestudio.com
  • Charge per hour: ₹5000 — ₹10000
  • Some photographers charge under rupees 50,000, while others charge a premium rate i.e., anything between rupees 50,000 to 2,00,000 per wedding
  • 1 Hour: ₹5,000 – ₹8,000
  • Videography only: ₹10,000 (contact us) info@wigglestudio.com
  • The average hourly pay for a Photographer in Patna, Bihar is ₹7000 in 2024

There are some of the latest trends in wedding photography

  • Blurred Action Wedding Photography: This trend adds movement and a dream-like quality to images, infusing depth and romance
  • Candid Photography: Couples are choosing to spend less time on posed photos and more time cherishing moments with their loved ones
  • Pre wedding Photography: Pre wedding shoots and videos have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Most of the brides and grooms opt to get done pre wedding shoot prior to wedding madness begins. They also get to spend a lot of time together while doing pre wedding shoot. These days, many couples are choosing exotic and offbeat locations for their pre wedding shoot pictures.
  • Documentary/Photojournalistic Photography: This approach emphasises storytelling and allows couples to break free from wedding traditions, crafting a unique celebration that reflects their personalities
  • Drone Photography: Wedding photos taken with a drone are becoming more popular, capturing gorgeous and effective shots from above that would not be possible otherwise
  • Film Photography: Film photography is making a comeback, adding nostalgia to modern celebrations
  • Disposable Cameras: Disposable cameras are also making a comeback, allowing guests to capture candid moments from their perspective

It is not necessary to book a common wedding photographer for both sides, but it can be beneficial in certain situations. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to book a common wedding photographer for both sides:

  • Coverage: If you want comprehensive coverage of both sides of the wedding, a common photographer can ensure that all important moments are captured. This is particularly useful if you have a large guest list or if the events are spread out in time and space
  • Consistency: A common photographer can ensure consistency in the style and quality of the photos, as they will have a clear understanding of your preferences and the overall vision for your wedding
  • Cost: Hiring a single photographer for both sides can be more cost-effective than hiring two separate photographers. However, this may not always be the case, as some photographers may charge a premium for covering both sides
  • Relationship: If you have a strong connection with a particular photographer, it may be beneficial to have them cover both sides of the wedding. This can help ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease during the photography process
  • Ultimately, the decision to book a common wedding photographer for both sides depends on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your wedding. It is essential to discuss your requirements with the photographer and consider their availability, experience, and pricing before making a decision.

Many wedding photographers offers drone photography services but the charges for it varies. Some offers it as part of the whole package and some charges separately, so make sure to check and confirm the extra rates prior to booking.

The average cost for a standard wedding shoot in Patna Bihar is anywhere from ₹8,000 to ₹10,00

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